When All Goes Bright Jess Mowry

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When All Goes Bright  by  Jess Mowry

When All Goes Bright by Jess Mowry
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Why do I write?After almost forty years of working with kids and raising four of my own, along with a few strays -- none of whom are in prison or collecting Welfare -- not to mention over twenty years of writing books and stories for and about kids, Ive found that its a lot easier for people to be pro-child about some kids than it is for them to care about and champion other kids.

Perhaps, like the animals in George Orwells Animal Farm, some kids are more equal than others?Almost all my stories and books are for and about black kids, who are not always cute and cuddly. My characters often spit, sweat and swear, as well as occasionally smoke or drink. Just like their real-world counterparts, some are overweight, may look too black, or are otherwise unacceptable by superficial American values.

Like on the real kids, they often live in dirty and violent environments, and are forced into sometimes unpleasant lifestyles.And virtually no one writes books or stories about them -- at least seldom in ways that dont exploit them, and/or dont glorify gangs, guns, drugs and violence.

Ive learned from experience that few publishers, including black ones, will publish positive books about these kids... books that dont portray them in stereotypical roles, and thus only reinforce the negative aspects of their lives.The result is that there very few positive books about these kids. This leaves them with no role models except stereotypes of gangsters, rappers or sports figures. Worse, virtually the only books that white (or more fortunate) children have to read about most black kids are also filled with these negative stereotypes.

About the only exception are books in which black kids play a supporting role to a white hero.I have devoted my career, such as it is, to writing positive but realistic books and stories, not only for and about black kids, but also for white kids so they will understand that the negative stereotypes arent true... that most black kids have other interests besides guns, gangs, drugs, violence, becoming rap stars, or playing basketball.When I first began writing I wanted to write many different kinds of books- adventure novels, magic, ghost stories.

These were the kinds of books I grew up reading, though I often wondered why there were no black heroes, such as ship captains or airplane pilots... no black Indiana Joneses, Hardy Boys or Hobbits. But mainstream publishers only want the stereotypes: if not blatantly negative stereotypes, then only stereotypical positive images. Only what good black kids are supposed to do. What the mainstream white world expects them to dream about and aspire to be.I often write about violence because the U.S.A.

is a violent country in a violent world and pretending it isnt doesnt help anyone. Most of my kids arent angels, but they are being as good as they can be... which is a lot better than most people seem to think they are.To me, being pro-child includes all children, even kids whom it may be hard to like...

especially kids who are hard to like.

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