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Published: October 24th 2012

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Bridges  by  Kyell Gold

Bridges by Kyell Gold
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After exactly three historical/fantasy and three contemporary furry romances, I can say for sure that my favourites are the contemporaries. Kyell Gold is an awesome writer in both genres, but maybe the fact that the contemporary stories are less far from mine perspective, allow me to not get lost in an anthropomorphic universe that is already a fantasy for me.The main difference between this last one, Bridges, and the previous two, Waterways and Out of Position, is that this is apparently a lighter story, sexier, and more free: there is not the prejudice against homosexuality that was basically the pushing element of the other books, and here the main aspect is the play of perspective.

A game that is in full swing in the first three chapters, the same story is seen through the eyes of the three main characters. Same scenes, same dialogues, and same output: the different perspective of who is telling it gives a different meaning to the whole.

Chapter 4 and 5 are again told from two different characters, and different from the previous three, but they are subsequent, one after the other in time lapse.Amir is a sweet and young fennec new in town and with a penchant for foxes- Amir has not trouble to find one night stands, but he is tired of senseless stories and so he thought that hanging around a bookstore is the right place to find a boyfriend.

Only that Amir is really shy, and even if he has set his eyes on an handsome red fox, Hayward, he has not the courage to do the first move. The story from Amir’s point of view is sweet and tender, and the sex is almost awkward, good but missing of something.Fin is a swift fox, another friend of Hayward, the red fox. When Hayward introduces him to Amir, the reader has the feeling that Fin is a bit aloof, maybe even jealous of Amir- at first I thought they were in competition for Hayward.

The story from Fin’s point of view is a bit more detached, maybe with a sad undertone. Only at the end of Fin’s chapter the reader understands that also Fin is missing something, and like Amir he would like a long term relationship, something quite and nice.Hayward, the red fox, at first comes out like a party boy, someone always flying from flower to flower, picking from everyone but never setting with anyone. At first his story is very light, almost naughty. There is yes something of hidden, a deep layer that very few can see.

As Kinzi will say, Hayward is the bridge between different characters, he helps people to connect, everyone walks upon him, but no one is really interested in him. No one would notice him missing if not in case he crashes down. And like a bridge between the two sides of the book, Hayward’s chapter is in the middle.Carmila is Hayward’s sister- she is forced on a wheelchair and depends a lot from Hayward.

Apparently she is the reason why Hayward doesn’t want to commit to anyone, but in reality she is Hayward’s excuse, who he uses with himself to prove that he can’t have a normal relationship. Carmila’s character could have been really angst, and instead, instilling in her a bit of selfishness, the author managed to do of her someone ordinary, with ordinary needs.Last there is Kinzi, a 40 years old coyote- he is the only one who Hayward was not able to match with someone, probably since Kinzi has already found who he wants.

He understood that, to win Hayward over, he has not to pressuring him- Hayward needs time to understand things alone. Kinzi is also maybe the one who needs Hayward the less, it’s not Hayward that is helping Kinzi, like it’s not Kinzi who is helping Hayward… they are both at the same time in life when decisions need to be taken, maybe like Carmila, being a bit selfish.Each chapter is like a little story alone, but all five together make a very good novel: romantic and sweet, with a right balance between sexy and angst.

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